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Justice Randy Wilson was appointed to the Fourteenth Court of Appeals by Governor Greg Abbott in December 2020, effective January 2021. Prior to his appointment, Justice Wilson was a partner at Susman Godfrey, one of the most prominent litigation firms in America, and is board certified in Civil Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He was elected to the American Board of Trial Advocates. Chambers USA named Wilson as one of the leading commercial litigators in America.

In 2003, Judge Wilson was appointed Judge of the 157th Judicial District Court in Harris County where he served for over 15 years. He was twice selected as Trial Judge of the Year by the Texas Association of Civil Trial and Appellate Specialists. He was appointed as a Special Justice of the Texas Supreme Court to hear an appeal of a large commercial case. He is only one of two persons ever to have been named by Law Dragon as one of the 500 Leading Judges in America and also one of the 500 Leading Lawyers in America.

He is a former board member of Star of Hope and Main Street Ministries and an Elder at First Presbyterian Church of Houston. Judge Wilson received a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Texas at Arlington and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Houston Law School where he graduated first in his class

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  • Appointed by Governor Perry, Civil District Judge, 2003; elected and re-elected 4 times
  • Twice selected Trial Judge of the Year by Texas Association of Civil Trial and Appellate Specialists--2009 & 2011
  • Selected one of the 500 Leading Judges in America
  • Consistently rated #1 civil trial judge in HBA's Judicial Evaluation Poll
  • Unanimously selected by civil district judges as Civil Administrative Judge
  • Graduated First in Class, University of Houston Law School, 1977
  • Board Certified in Civil Trial Law for 30+ years
  • Partner, 23 years, at Susman Godfrey, one of America's leading litigation firms
  • Consistently rated one of top trial lawyers in Texas and Houston
  • Member, Grievance Committee, State Bar of Texas
  • Named as one of the top 500 Leading Lawyers in America by Law Dragon
  • Adjunct Law Professor, Univ. of Houston College of Law, Ethics & Professional Responsibility
  • Married to Mary Wilson, 48 Years; 3 adult children
  • Elder, First Presbyterian Church of Houston, Adult Sunday School Teacher
  • Member, Board of Directors, Star of Hope Mission, servicing Houston's Homeless
  • President & Member of Board of Directors of Lifehouse of Houston, providing a home for pregnant teenage girls
  • Member, Board of Directors, Main Street Ministries, serving Houston's homeless and indigent

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    What Do Jurors Say About Judge Wilson?

    Judge Wilson has presided over hundreds of jury trials since going to the bench in 2003.  After each trial, Judge Wilson sends a questionnaire to every juror asking about their experiences as a juror in order to learn how to improve trials.  The jurors’ responses are almost universally positive.  Here are samples of the responses:

    “Judge was very good, organized things, ran smoothly like a well-oiled machine. Made me not mind getting picked.”

    “Judge Randy explained to us how the case was moving along. He also made us feel comfortable and my outlook on jury duty is more positive.”

    “You were right, Your Honor! This was an unforgettable experience which I will always remember with satisfaction and a sense of completion. I decided to take in every aspect, detail and study the judicial process. I became totally fascinated and with a new and positive view of how well we can make things work when we follow the steps and the law with understanding, clarity and enthusiasm. Thank you, Judge Randy Wilson!”

    “I appreciated that you moved the trial along effectively. Thank you.”

    “The trial was a great experience. For my first time, I thought or expected something else but this was a great experience.”

    “I enjoyed the process and learned a lot about the judicial system.”

    “Many jurors commented on how clearly you explained our duties and the rule of law. You and your court changed my perspective of jury duty and certainly changed the way I view different situations in life. THANKS FOR MAKING THIS A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE.”

    “Judge Wilson explained everything fully and made me feel at ease. Made my 1st experience as juror very memorable. It was a great experience, and very proud to be an American!!”

    “The process from start to finish was efficient and painless. We were all treated respectfully and kept fully apprised of the different aspects of the day’s proceedings.”

    “Congratulations to the judge for a well-run and just court.”

    “The trial was run very efficiently with great respect for jurors and their time.”

    “Honorable Randy Wilson was right on target—I did learn and found the experience

    “Very well-run courtroom! You made it a pleasure to serve!”

    “This was my 3rd time to serve as a juror. This trial was more efficiently and effectively conducted than the other 2. Thanks.”

    “While at first I wasn’t happy about being chosen, I came to enjoy my time serving as a juror.”

    “Best experience yet! Keep up the good work, Judge Randy Wilson.”

    “It was a good experience and justice was served well. A fine example of our court system.”

    “I am honored and feel privileged to have served as a juror in your court. Your instructions were clear and precise. The conduct of the trial was excellent.”

    “Judge Randy Wilson, you did a very excellent job of staying focused and calm during the trial. Good job!”

    “Judge Wilson was very professional. I would serve again for this judge’s court as a juror.”

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    Publications and Speeches

    A frequent speaker at continuing legal education seminars, including seminars sponsored by the American Bar Association, State Bar of Texas, Houston Bar Association, and South Texas College of Law.

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    • Close the Gates (Summer 2008)
    • Folklore and Myths (Fall 2008)
    • The Oral Hearing (Winter 2008)
    • The Bench Trial: It Really Is Different (Summer 2009)
    • Impeaching With a Prior Deposition (Fall 2009)
    • Voir Dire Checklist (Personal Injury Case) (Winter 2009)
    • The Document Production (Summer 2010)
    • Forty-Five Days Out (Winter 2010)
    • The Motion to Compel (Summer 2011)
    • The Closing (Fall 2011)
    • Do You Suggest a Number (Winter 2011)
    • Motions in Limine (Summer 2012)
    • Take That Deposition on the Road (Fall 2012)
    • The Problem with Jury Response Rate—Let’s Get the Numbers Right (Winter 2012)
    • Restraining Orders (Spring 2013)
    • Recent Bench Trials (Summer 2013)
    • Jury Notes (Fall 2013)
    • Motions to Dismiss (Winter 2013)
    • The Opening Statement (Summer 2014)
    • Summary Judgments (Fall 2014)
    • Don’t Be that Guy Who… (Winter 2014
    • Can’t We Just Make the Record Clear? (Summer 2015)
    • Judges Talk (Fall 2015)
    • If I Knew Then What I Know Now—Juries (Winter 2015)
    • Taking Depositions for Trial (Summer 2016)
    • Multiple Summary Judgments? (Fall 2016)
    • Televisions Objections (Winter 2016)
    • Plan for the Worst (Spring 2017)
    • Sometimes Old School is the Best (Fall 2017)
    • Randy Wilson, “Legal Lessons for the Next Generation, 38 TEXAS LAWYER, Vol. 25, p. 39 (Dec. 21, 2009)
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    • What Do Judges Say About the Jury System? TEXAS BAR BLOG, May 2, 2017

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